Our crockery can be hired by the individual item or per guest

Hire by item:                                                       
Tea cup and saucer                                                                                    £1.40
Tea plate                                                                                                         0.50
Trio (tea cup, saucer and tea plate)                                                      £1.80          
Tea spoon                                                                                                       0.20      
Butter knife                                                                                                    0.30        
Pastry fork                                                                                                      0.30
Tea pot                                                                                                         £3.00         
Milk jug                                                                                                          0.60
Sugar bowl                                                                                                    0.60
Sugar tongs                                                                                                   0.60
Cake / sandwich plate                                                                              £1.20
Pedestal cake stand                                                                                  £3.50
Cake stand (2 tiers)                                                                                  £4.50
Cake slice or knife                                                                                       0.50
Glass cream or jam dish                                                                            0.60
Cream or jam spoon                                                                                   0.20
Napkin                                                                                                           0.50
Large white linen table cloth                                                                    6.00
Small embroidered table cloth                                                                 4.00
Medium embroidered table cloth                                                            5.00

Hire by guest:                                                                                          £5.50 per guest     
Per person
Tea cup, saucer, tea plate, tea spoon, butter knife,                          
pastry fork and napkin           

Per 4 people
Tea pot, milk jug, sandwich plate, 2 glass dishes and spoons                                               

Per 10 people
Sugar bowl and tongs, 2-tier cake stand and cake slice,
2 sandwich plates  

Table cloths are available separately.

Washing up

Because our collection of vintage crockery is old and quite delicate it needs to be washed and dried by hand (nothing is dishwasher or microwave safe!). We will happily do the washing up for you.
Just add 15% of the total cost of crockery hire (excluding damage deposit).
eg. for a tea party for 20 people costing £110, washing up will cost £16.50; for a party for 50 people costing £275, washing up will cost £41.25.

Damage deposit

We understand that things don't always go  according to plan and that sometimes, sadly, items will get chipped or broken. To cover the cost of replacement, we ask for a damage deposit, payable by cash or separate returnable cheque, of £80 per order.

Chipped, broken or missing items will be deducted from the damage deposit at the following rates:
Tea pot               £10
Cake stand         £15
Cutlery item        £  3
Delivery box        £10
Table cloth          £20
All other items    £  5

If the amount payable by you for lost or damaged items exceeds the damage deposit, you must pay the balance to us.

Delivery and collection

FREE within a 30-mile radius of our base in Timperley, Cheshire, for orders over £80.
For locations outside this radius we will charge 45p per mile, based on 2 round trips per order.
eg. an event 40 miles from Timperley will incur a delivery charge of £18 (20 extra miles x 2 round trips x 45p per mile)